Appeal to West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals


Randolph Dilloway


Garland DeCourcy


Michael Oljaca


John McLaughlin


Glen Allen vs. SPLC


Bias Against the National Alliance


Complaints to WV Judicial Investigation Commission


Complaints to Office of Disciplinary Counsel


Complaint to Department of Justice

Appendix of Record

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Table of Contents

Certified Docket Sheet

12-02-16 Request for Appointment of Special Prosecutor from County Assistant Prosecutor Keith McMillion

12-02-16 Request of Judge Dent for Special Prosecutor

12-02-16 Order of Disqualification of the Office of the Pocahontas County Prosecuting Attorney

12-15-16 Two Judges’ Orders to Seal Ex Parte Letters

12-15-16 Letter from Judge Dent to Accuser concerning ex parte communication received

12-16-16 Order of Appointment of Special Prosecutor

08-14-18 Trial Transcript

Nine Defense Exhibits:

Email from Defendant’s wife Lana Williams to Garland DeCourcy of 10/05/15

Termination of work contract with DeCourcy of 10/26/15

Letter from Will Williams to Garland DeCourcy of 10/26/15

Defendant’s statement taken on 10/31/15 by WV State Trooper (WVST) Brock

Accuser’s statement taken on 10/31/15 by WVST Brock

Action taken Form from WVST Brock

Report of Deputy B. L. Kelly, including Accuser’s and her main wittness in MC Michael Oljaca’s Written Statements of 12/02/15

Accuser’s one article of nearly 10,000 words, showing motive for her false battery claim against Defendant — from her blog about the case of more than 250,000 words

Prosecution witness/Accuser’s roommate Bob DeMarais’s Internet forum post

Two State Exhibits:

Eight photographs of Accuser’s neck

Defendant’s email correspondence with Accuser’s main witness MC Michael Oljaca

08-16-18 Post trial order

10-10-18 Probation Officer Robert Tooze’s Pre-Sentencing Recommendation Report

09-17-18 Letter to PO Tooze from Defendant’s wife, Lana, attached to Tooze’s Report

09-29-18 Accuser’s Victim Impact Statement (VIS) as part of Robert Tooze’s report

10-10-18 Counsel Laura Finch’s Motion to withdraw

02-20-19 Judge’s Order denying Counsel’s Motion to withdraw (delayed filing, 5 months)

10-10-18 First sentencing hearing transcript

02-07-19 Motion for new trial by Counsel Laura Finch

02-08-19 Amendment to Motion for new trial, drawn by Defendant

02-08-19 Emails from Defendant and wife Lana to Laura Finch as attachment for Defendant’s Amendment

02-08-19 Primary witness’s sworn Affidavit as attachment for Defendant’s Amendment

02-08-19 Motion to unseal three ex parte letters by Counsel Laura Finch

02-08-19 Motion for hearing regarding VIS by Counsel Laura Finch

02-12-19 Second sentencing hearing transcript

02/25/19 Final order of 12/25/19, combining judgments on three post trial motions